“My job is to get you to do the things
you don’t want to do, so you can
become who you want to become.”

– Mark Nation

Coaching Services

Nation Leadership coaching services help individuals and teams create and sustain extraordinary and powerful personal and business results. People trust coaches to develop their skills and potential in nearly every discipline, including education, music, sports, writing and personal hobbies. In fact, nowhere is coaching more valuable than in personal and professional leader development.

Mark Nation’s approach is to work intensively with leaders and teams to ignite their passions, resulting in real, lasting change and improvement.  Mark draws upon his extensive background in the areas of authentic leader development, values and decision-making, international management, heart-centered leadership, and positive change management to help clients flourish in rapidly shifting business environments.

Premium Coaching Services are typically structured in 3- to 12-month packages; however, shorter coaching sessions may be arranged around strategic assessment administration and review, 1- to 2-day “deep sprint” sessions, or theme-based A la carte work.


Is Coaching for You?

Our coaching is designed to address a number of key performance areas:

  • Designing Your Corporate and Personal Legacy
  • Values, Judgment and Better Decision-Making
  • Team Building and Organizational Design
  • Expatriate Planning and Management
  • Stress, Workplace Health and Wellness
  • Career Strategy and Personal Development
  • Early and Mid-Career Acceleration
  • Career Changes and Transitions
  • Balancing Work, Personal and Civic Life
  • Spiritual Values and Business

What’s Included

All Premium Coaching Services include invaluable support material to bolster your learning beyond the sessions, such as:

  • The Made for Amazing: Finding Your Song in Work and Life book
  • Finding Your Song Workflow Map
  • Methodology Guides
  • Suggested Reading
  • Subscription to Nation Leadership News
  • Judgment Capacity Assessment: Identify and optimize values-based workplace decisions

For more information, or to schedule a personal or team coaching consultation, email us at info@nationleadership.com or call (423) 847-2678.